Friday, November 21, 2008

Forensics (con't), Friday Fleas and Flurries

Just a quick update on our exciting forensics file (okay, sometimes a girl has to put some drama in her blog):  Our neighbor has been reimbursed for his mailbox!  Although we haven't been in touch with the other property owners, I have to presume that the driver of the truck is or has taken care of their damage. My entry was actually meant to be typical Grinnin Gramma humor, at least the parts with the forensics evidence.  Since, except for maybe the pride of the driver, nobody was injured I really thought the fact that the truck was wound up like a top in barbed wire but the sheriffs department still needed an eye witness, was kinda funny.
 Before we went to bed last night, I opened the door to cast a final check on our property.  Imagine my surprise when I saw this:  Our immediate world was covered in snow!
I snapped a couple pictures, believing it would all be melted by morning.  Instead, this is what was happening outside at 7:00 this morning:    Here's the view from my kitchen window:    We're even under a severe weather watch and it's almost 1:00 PM as I write this!  A scene like this isn't at all unusual for Indiana (which is where we'll be heading tomorrow - yaaaaaay!) but it is totally atypical for NE Tennessee.
Click on the polka-dotted logo for Friday Flea Market vendors!  Many thanks to Polly (Counting Your Blessings) for putting this together for us!
Last but not least, my offerings for Friday Flea Market are a few of my handmade Christmas stockings:
Additional pictures are on my Webshots album.  Just click the picture!
Primitive stocking with charm - $12.00 plus postage
Shabby chic, lightly aged with teastain - $13.99 + postage
Large shabby chic stocking with lace inset - $15.99 + postage
I'll be in Indiana for this next week, grateful to my neighbors for watching our house, dog and parrots while we're gone.  Therefore, you can email me at if you have any questions about my flea market items (last week's are still available, too!) but they won't be mailed until a week from Monday.
Have a great Thanksgiving!  



Hi Sher,
Have a Great Thanksgiving with all of your family. Your stocking are so nice:) I couldn't click to see them better...sometimes these computers...ugh..

Bek said...

What pretty stockings you have made. And the photos of the snow look like they should be on a christmas card:) I dream of one day having a white Christmas.


Catherine said...

Love your snow pictures and the forensics` posts are hilarious! What a fun read! I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving.

Janet C. Fish said...

Snow? Wow, we haven't even had any in Kansas yet. Probably won't for a few weeks anyway.

Neat stockings!

Have a great thanksgiving!

Patricia said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and travel safe. Enjoy your time with family, so much to be thankful for. The stockings are lovely,


Charm and Grace said...

Ooohh, those pictures of the snowy vistas are so gorgeous!!! Have fun in Indiana, but do be careful on those roads.


ThriftShopRomantic said...

Such cute stockings! And while I remember, I hope you have a terrific Thanksgiving, Sher!!

Anonymous said...

What great stockings!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!


KatCollects said...

Hi Sher
Just making a few quick stops to some of my favorite blogs to say Hi. I have been getting alot of rest since my surgery and am off my foot for 6 weeks but doing a little better every day. I miss everyone. I hope you and your loved ones have a beautiful Thanksgiving.

Joanne Kennedy said...

How lucky you are to have a beautiful white winter wonderland right outside your front door!

I would love to win your giveaway. I have your giveaway listed on my blog.


Anonymous said...

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