Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crafting, Kids, and Contentment

     I have a secret that really isn't a secret.  It's something that I've been wanting for several long years and it looks like it's finally going to happen.  I just didn't want to say anything, for fear of "jinxing" it.
     As you probably already know, my two children and I live in three different states - Louisiana, Indiana and Tennessee.  As a result, the three of us haven't been together under one roof for about 15 years.
     Well, if things work out the way we're hoping, this coming Thanksgiving will be the happiest and best one I've had in years.  We're all planning on being in Indiana for Thanksgiving!  My eyelids start burning, just thinking about it.  My grandchildren will all be together for the first time in their lives!  I jokingly told my son that we may all have to wear name tags.  
     I pray that nothing interrupts our plans!
     Mary Ellen (MEGARDENGAL) has been exploring contentment in her life and has invited the rest of us to join her.  She's calling it 30 days of Contentment Therapy. Thinking of my children and the lives they have brings me much contentment.  They are happy adults, excellent parents and warm individuals.  I'll stop there, trying to not gush too much about them.  But it does give me contentment to know that I did have something to do with the people they are today.  
Crafting and doing almost anything art related gives me another type of contentment.  It relaxes me, and I believe that to be relaxed you must feel somewhat content, right?
I recently saw some pinkeeps that Cathy (Hazelruthe) made.  They inspired me to make some similar pinkeeps/jewelry holders and the three below are my translations of her design:
They all have candlestick bases; the "Heart in Hand" version is on a wood candlestick that I painted black.  I used glass bases for the others.  "Heart in Hand" also has a vintage lace "sleeve".
I made a couple stuffed faux mittens, too.  I decided to not give the snowman in this one a hat but he was looking too bare-headed to me.  So, I decided to give him hair but not too much hair.  The idea of a bald snowman with the typical bald man hairdo cracked me up.  (No offense to bald men - I personally think that a good looking bald man is often much more handsome than a guy with a full head of hair.  It's the combing over of a few long strands of hair that I wish you wouldn't do.)
Anyway, I do get much contentment from crafting but being able to entertain myself with such silly little details also gives me contentment.   This, and I think I can still play well with others.  LOL - what are some of the things that bring contentment to YOU?


KatCollects said...

I am so happy that you will get to be with all of your Family for Thanksgiving, what a Blessing!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you that your family will all be together for Thanksgiving. Wow- 15 years- that is a long time!!

Your crafts are precious- makes we want to get my stuff out and be creative but... I have to be content with the things I am doing right now- for 1 - my breakfast nook which I need to go wipe all the mold spots that were hiding behind 2 layers of wallpaper!!!

Blessings to you!


Judy said...

I'm so happy for you. You will have a wonderful time with so many memories to cherish. I love your snowman...way too cute.

Janet C. Fish said...

OH, that's wonderful that you'll all get together for Thanksgiving! Congratulations!

The bald snowman combover made me laugh right out loud. LOL That just cracked me up.

Bald men are the handsomist sexiest men alive, IMHO. Larry's bald, and I just think he's the best thing going since cookie dough.

Annabel Badajos said...

Sher, I'm so happy for you. I hope all your plans for Thanksgiving will run smoothly. You're such a beautiful Mom, no wonder you have beautiful children with hearts like yours.
That snowman is sooooooo cute. I've never seen one like that before. It did made me smile after being teary eyed on the first part of your blog....God bless!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

How wonderful that you may get to spend Thanksgiving with everyone in your family under one roof. There's nothing better than that.

We'll be going to Indiana for Thanksgiving with Dave's family, too. They live in Northern Indiana and there's almost always snow that time of year. -Julia :-)


Hi Sher,
I am so HAPPY for you that you will be seeing all of your kids and Grand kids...AWESOME...:) :)
Cute snowman with Hair:) You sure get a lot done with your crafts and the store...
Take care. Hugs,