Thursday, July 3, 2008

Tutorial Delay, An Apology and Shabby Chic

Here I go, apologizing again. I know I told you that I would continue the tutorial on upholstering in today's post (okay, in yesterday's post, but I didn't post yesterday) and life once again got in the way. I will continue and finish the tutorial. That's a promise. And I'll try to do it within the next few days. Meanwhile, if you've started an upholstering project in hopes of finishing it as I finish up my chair, email me ( and I'll try to help you through it. True to my normal style, I have been running 'way behind on absolutely everything. This house is a mess. I walked into the kitchen this morning and it looked like my kitchen had literally thrown up all over itself. Stuff was piled everywhere. On the counters, on the table, on the chairs. I knew a trip to the shop was inevitable as I began pricing items and packing them into the van for the trip. The kitchen is still far from sparkling clean but at least it's functional once again. Our back patio was the area that needed attention yesterday. We have white outdoor metal swivel chairs that had started to rust. Letting them rust away is not an option for me, so out comes the sandpaper and the spray paint once again. Of course, while I was out there working, I noticed a tiny baby chickadee watching me from its little "doorway". While I was working on the chairs and noticing baby birds, I noticed this old wooden worktable was looking pretty shabby. (Note that I remembered to take the "before" pic after I started painting it.) A girlfriend of mine gave it to me several years ago when she caught her worthless, good-for-nothing, lazy boyfriend doing drugs and tossed him out on his ear. (I had told her for months that she threw out everything else in her home that didn't work, and that he shouldn't be an exception.) As a result, we became the new owners of this little worktable. Anyway (see how I get off on these tangents?), I turned this valueless, plain little worktable into a valueless, red little worktable. Yes, I am deeply embedded in my "red" stage. Be glad you didn't know me when I was going through my "Madonna" stage.
And while I'm off the subject, I might as well drift off a little further and show you this picture of a rainbow I snapped on the way home from Indiana:
...Back to the stuff in my kitchen and being shop bound: Before I left, I remembered to snap a few pictures of the booths in the first floor of the shop (being the Corner Nest in Elizabethton, Tennessee) and have posted a slide show for you to enjoy. (Trash to Treasure friends, you'll want to pay particular attention to the last few shots. You'll see a lot of old bicycle wheels and metal pieces, bent to look like ribbons and all sorts of cool things!)


Annabel Sison Badajos said...

I love everything in your shop. Hope to be there someday. That red table actually turned cozy. Red is always my favorite, it's an elegant color me. Your talent is truly admirable. For a busy gramma like you, I sure understand those kitchen mess. It's ok!
Hugs from Hongkong,

Sher said...

Hi, Annabel! I like the way it looks now, too. For some reason, a dirty red table looks much better than a dirty wood table to me. ;-) However, my kitchen was beyond messy but I appreciate your kindness!

Janet C. Fish said...

Love that red table. I agree, looks great red.

But I noticed something that isn't at all fair. How come you got all the taste and left me with none? I only have enough taste to know that red is a great color. Otherwise, non, zilch.

Oh, I have good taste in friends. But not in decorating.

sigh........ ah well...........