Friday, July 11, 2008

More Tobacco Can re-dos, Giftaway Reminder

It's been a while since I've had anything for sale on Ebay; I put a couple Kirk Stieff chalices on a few days ago and the auction ends within 24 hours. Click here if you want to take a look.

I am having so much fun dressing up my old tobacco tins! Hubby is having a minor panic attack, asking me (for about the fifth time, last night): "Aren't these worth about $5 or $6 each?" "Only if people buy them," I reply as I sort through my ribbons and beads, getting them ready for yet another can. (I've had some sitting in our shop for over a year.) The pictures I posted of the ones I did the other day turned out so lousy that I took them outside so you can get a better look: These are so much fun! I've decided that one will be included in this month's Giftaway! I think I'll toss in another apron, too. Stay tuned for a peek at the complete Giftaway package! But don't leave without leaving a comment - that's how you get qualified, you know! Here's a shot of a little trinket "prayer box" I just finished. I love the look of beads with the flowers. Don't forget: Leave a comment and you will be automatically entered for this month's Giftaway!!


Janet C. Fish said...

I like the idea of the one for the front door for people to leave a message if they dropped by. Not that anyone ever drops by here. LOL And someone might leave a nasty note. HA! Hey, but I'd take that nasty note and put it on ebay.

Those are cute, the tobacco tins. I made a prayer box one time a long time back. I sold it. I sort of regretted doing that, because I never made one for myself after that. I may do that. Yeah, I might just do that this week. Thanks for the reminder.

Tina said...

Your little cans are so beautiful! Would love to have one!

Sher said...

Janet, I may just need to make you a special prayer box, my Friend! And if you don't have a note pad at your front door, how do you know whether someone stopped by when you're gone? ;)

Tina, thanks for the compliment! You're now entered for the drawing! I stopped by your blog and saw your cute little guy with that huge ugly snake! Snakes are not my favorite creatures, either!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Sher! I must say you are truly talented. Love your tobacco tins and prayer box. They are just so lovely.

Irma :)

NJTomboy said...


Cynthia Holt Ziemian said...

Your tobacco cans are so cute! Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm not sure where Elizabethton, TN is, so will have to check the map. Love your bicycle ribbons/wheels...too cute!

Sher said...

Thanks, Irma, you're a doll!

Tomboy! Great to see you here!

Cynthia, Elizabethton is less than 20 miles from here (Bristol, TN).


Anonymous said...

So cute and creative!

Doris said...

OHHHHH I love the old tobacco tins just the way they are, but you have come up with a great idea and have created some Beautiful things outta them-----if ya get tired of fixing the tins up~ just send them my way LOL

By the way........I Love your Blog

Cheryl said...

Love your site! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

GG thought I would check out your blog and I must say it is wonderful, I love the kind of work you do recycling with a purpose LOL
Darlene (Musad)

Robolady said...

I gave you an award. Check out my blog to receive it.


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cityfarmer said...

Oooooh, I'm liking it your stuff!!!

you may enjoy my second blog

let's chat said...

Oh that is hilarious, your husband sounds like mine. He is always asking those questions. I was going on and on about the great deals I got this week on old jewelry and he wanted to know just how much the pieces I made from them would be seeling for. Well, that just isn't the point. is it?!

countrygirl3031 said...

Sher...I came to your blog via Robolady...I love your stuff. Your tobacco tins are absolutely adorable.

I've added you to my favorite sites to visit if that's ok??!!!


Sher said...

Thanks, everyone! These little tins are so versatile and FUN!

You're all entered in this month's Giftaway - now, to put together the winning package...LOL!


mim shaffer said...

I found your blog through robolady. I do love your tobacco tins, very creative.
Newbury, OH