Sunday, March 30, 2008

Treasure Hunting

According to the weather reports, aka not-always-so-trustworthy-Doplar-Radar, this entire weekend was doomed to be wet and gloomy. We had planned on returning to the houses I told you about in a prior post; we didn't have a good way to get into the one house (due to a missing padlock key). Hubby and I were anxious to look around inside, as Mike (the young man who served as the property contact person) had told us he thought there were some antiques inside we might be interested in. Demolition had not yet started on this larger home and we quickly realized that much of what had been removed from the other home (now just a skeletal frame) had been scattered about on the old hardwood floors that I now was admiring. Here's a look at what we managed to salvedge and bring home for cleaning and repair.
By the way, remember that the transmission had gone out in my hubby's truck? Well, the truck is now repaired but after we got it loaded, it wouldn't start. (Kinda embarrassing, when the Hubby works at a large battery plant and a new battery had been installed just before the transmission repair) Thank goodness for wonderful neighbors! We telephoned Dick, who lives across the street, and he was quickly at our aid with jumper cables. Once that was accomplished and the two men were gazing under the hood of the truck, he asked, "Isn't that the alternator plug hanging there?"
Uh-huh. That was it, exactly. The transmission mechanics had forgotten to hook it back up; no wonder the battery had drained! Reputation of the battery plant remains intact!
Reminder: You only have a few hours left to get qualified for this month's drawing! The winner will receive the jeweled bottle shown previously, an assortment of handmade tags, and a variety of surprises! How do you qualify? Simply leave a comment on this blog. Yep. That's it!
Thanks again for stopping by; see you tomorrow when the winner will be announced!


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Janet Fish said...

Sher, this is some cool stuff. If you want to toss out that old ice box, hey, I'll come take it off your hands. You know, save you a trip to the dump. LOL Great find!

I'm hungry tonight, and whenever I come here, I scroll down past that picture of that food. I think I'll have to make that this week.

Sher said...

Janet, after lots of contemplation, I decided to keep that ice box. Hee. Nice try!