Thursday, March 20, 2008


Spring is finally here! I know this because our crocus have been blooming for a few weeks now and the daffodils are showing their bright yellow colors in areas throughout our property. Oh, and because the calendar says that it's Spring.

Our high temperature today was somewhere in the 50's, plenty warm enough for me to grab my camera and get ideas of what items left outside was ravaged by the harsh winter and how much outside cleanup will have to take place within the next couple of weeks. So, while hubby was checking the riding mower batteries and doing things to it that only men know how to do when they're trying to avoid getting started early on Spring cleanup, here are a few things I checked out:

Why is it that the weeds always have so much more vim and vigor than flowers? I know dandelions must be the weight lifters of the plant family. How else could they be strong enough to muscle out and push aside flowers with such large bulbs? It is obvious to me that I still have a lot of dead leaf and plant raking, fresh mulching and lots of outdoor painting and all-around sprucing up to do..

I posted more photos on Webshots if you want to take a look:

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Janet Fish said...

I LOVE dandilions. They are so dandy. I would have a lawn just of dandilions, but people wouldn't like that. I'd harvest dandilions all over Kansas and throw them in my yard.

You shoulda seen the crop of dandilions we had either last year or the year before. The lawn fairly glowed with yellow.

Still waiting this year. We're getting a late spring.

Love your pictures, as always. I spent so little time actually physically there, but feel like I know the yard well. It made quite an impression.

I bet it would have made a "deeper" impression had my feet come out from under me and I'd tumbled down the hill. What a shame I didn't. I mean, imagine that memory!