Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving, Videos and Here Comes Santa!

Hubby and I had another great Thanksgiving with my side of our blended family. I'm so proud of each of them and would like for you to meet them, albeit video style!
I hope you like videos, because here are a couple videos of the shop that we're in (Corner Nest, Elizabethton, TN). I hope you enjoy your mini-trip there:
This one is of the cabin upstairs in the shop. Yep, a real faux-cabin! This isn't my booth but it is one of my very favorite booths within the shop: the Cabin
This one starts in the back of the first floor, at our booth. My memory card ran out waaaay before I could finish even the first floor. I hope you enjoy! CLICK HERE to view!


Vickie said...

Enjoyed your little video tour of your shop! It's beautiful and I would love to visit. I love the white chest of drawers that your husband did. I think a mirror would look good in it. And the Christmas decorations make it all so festive. I can see how ladies would love to come hang out there for a shower or something. Maybe one day I'll be in a shop. That would be so fun - I bet you never get tired of it!


hi Sher,
It takes my dial up computer FOREVER to show me videos so I haven't seen it, yet...
I hope your weekend will have some FUN in it.
Deb :)

Sher said...

Vickie, there's another separate dining room that's exclusively for private functions. It's always decorated to fit the theme or the reason for that party. I'll take a picture some time before one of the functions and you'll see what I mean - VERY pretty and VERY nice! : )
Deb, I'm sorry; I should have known the videos would take so long to upload. Maybe if I embed them directly into the blog???