Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas at Our Home: The Unabridged Edition

...And the stockings were hung by the chimney with care...
Ah, who doesn't recognize even a piece of the classic poem "Twas the Night Before Christmas"?
Oh yeah, that's exactly how our home is at Christmas. All is quiet and peaceful, not even a mouse moving about. Everything is beautiful, neat and sparkling. Grinnin Grampa is wearing his cap, sound asleep, breathing ever-so-quietly.
"Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse"...NEVER would he snore on Christmas Eve!
But the pictures you see are the sheer truth of it all, at least around here. This is what our bedroom floor has looked like for a couple - okay, a few nights now. The middle picture is what our bed looked like this afternoon, as I was frantically trying to wrap a couple things before a certain someone got home.
Wrapped gifts under the tree in the living room.
However, the next few pictures are what I prefer to leave you with; these are bits and pieces of what the inside of our home looks like if you throw a magical sheet that makes the mess around the bits and pieces disappear.
The lime green tree in my office with pink and white decorations.
A musical snow globe I've had for years. If you look closely, you'll
notice that the shepherd boy is missing the bottom part of his arm.
It's floating around at the bottom, close to Baby Jesus' bed of hay.
I'll never know how something can get broken inside a snow globe, all
cushioned in glycerin. There's no damage to the outside. This, by the way,
is how I bought it and why it was probably something like 75% off at the time.
Porcelain ornament that is one of my favorites; another that I've had for years.
Our neighbors get baked goodies from us every year. This is
what their gifts consisted of this year. You saw the wrapping mess.
No way am I sharing my kitchen mess.
It snowed a few days ago and I managed to capture this
cardinal sitting a few feet from our back door. It was/is
the only semblance of peace and order around our home
for several weeks.
As Lily Tomlin's character on Laugh-in would say, "And that's the truth...!" (insert raspberry sound!)



That is an awesome picture of the cardinal...you could frame it and/or make sweet cards and tags...Very nice.
Yummy treats the neighbors are getting and my guest bedroom looks like your bedroom. Gift need wrapping here.
That is weird about the shephard's arm..hummmm
Your tree is pretty and it'w nice to get a peak into your home at Christmas time.
Take care.
deb :)

Anonymous said...

And somehow, with all the mess and confusion, on December 25, all is right with the world...if only it would continue on to January, February, March, etc....

Have the merriest Christmas ever.
Love the lime green tree.

Sher said...

Hi, Deb! Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for the compliment on my cardinal picture; I think I may take your advice on the cards and tags!

Donna, you are so absolutely right! I really do wish the Spirit of Christmas would be felt by everyone year round. The Spirit is always there but too many of us don't leave ourselves open to it 365 days/year.

Merry Christmas to you, too!!!


Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

The lime green tree is simply wonderful! Love that!

That's a picture postcard photo of the cardinal! Just lovely!


Anonymous said...

Sher your goodies for the neighbors look so good!! I am 28 loaves into 60 loaves of sweet bread needing to be baked for neighbors,church, and others- yikes better get going!!

I love the reality pics along with your pretties!! Green tree-- so cute!


Vickie said...


Merry Christmas, girlfriend! Did you come to my house and take a picture of my dining room? It's completely covered with gifts, wrapping paper, price tags, receipts, tape, dog toys, empty plates and cups!

Have a wonderful holiday season - God bless you all!

Vickie said...

Hey Sher -

I think you've abandoned blogging in favor of Facebook! Whar ya been?

I'm workin' on getting more chickens. And my dad and me will probably be the ones to build a hen house. I love doing projects with him like that. Besides my husband has to work alot.

Keepin' my fingers crossed!

Bubbasmom said...

picture of the cardinal would make a great Christmas card for next year.

Bebe said...

Hi Sher!
Just coming over to say hi! I haven't been blogging much lately so I've got to catch up soon. Looks like y'all had a fun Christmas...think I want to grab some of those goodies you made for your neighbor :)
Lots of Love and Hugs, Bebe :)

Vickie said...

Crawdads digging up your yard, huh? Well, scoop them little suckers up and throw 'em in a big boilin' pot o' crab boil, girlfriend, and have yoself a pahty!

Whar you been? Facebook again, right?