Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trying to Get Better, a Few Things to Share & Smelly Bags

See? I'm already getting better!!!! Two days in a row, two fresh blog postings! I did fail to THANK YOU for the well wishes you offered both my friend, Mary and myself. As you may remember, she was bitten by a rattlesnake and suffered severe consequences. Thanks to the many prayers offered up for her, she says she is near normal once again. As for myself, I did go through a couple really tough months with my RA (rheumatoid arthritis) and, although I have finally come to realize that my body will no longer move as fluidly as it did thirty years ago. If you or someone you know has RA you already know that we are never pain free but can reach a point where you can work with and through the pain. Again, I thank you with all my heart for your past and continued prayers. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you've already seen this photo:
Yes, they are mostly feed sacks, and most are made from burlap. Some are old and others are not. I don't know which is which. Just being honest! I hung them out NOT because I washed them (because I didn't!) but to air them out. If you have ever met up with a feed sack you know that the odor is not one that you would expect, say Reese Witherspoon, to adapt as her own. IF you're interested, I'm selling them for $7 each which includes postage. They'll be available for awhile, as I won't put them in the shop until (probably) next week.
This photo and the next one, in case you're wondering, are being included here simply because I like the way the pictures look. The flowers are ones that I dried in our attic and I'm now wondering what to do with them. Any ideas are appreciated!
Meanwhile, I've been turning some of my attentions toward Christmas items, both to put in the shop and to include as gifts or within gift wrappings. For example, I have been able to hand dip some pine cones in scented wax (oh, yummmmm!), attach some faux sprigs of pine and some ribbons, etc. - well, here are some of the finished products:
Can't see them very well, can you? Darn. Well, okay, so I packaged these perhaps prematurely but I wanted to make sure the fragrance stays in tact. Trust me, they look really cute in a bowl with fruit (real or not), potpourri, etc. They're also really good to use on a gift instead of (or along with) a bow.
I've also been working on some tags and I'm not too sure what I'll do with them, either.
This snowman is one that I can't very well brag about. Poor guy. I started out with this great idea of stamping a Christmas tree on chipboard for his background, then stamping his image on a piece of cardboard, color it all, sparkle him up and attach him to the chipboard. Well, first of all I didn't off center the tree enough. It kinda looks like he's using it as a backpack. Then, I used sugar sprinkles on him and mica flakes for the snow behind him. The results are just okay. He needs more glitter everywhere. Maybe I'll take another pic of him after it's added and you can give me your honest opinion of the final product. This next tag is a different story.
I actually like this one but wish I had cut out more of the white surrounding the child she's carrying. I left the angel print itself un-glittered, glued her to lime green chipboard and glittered around her after giving the chipboard a pink border of paint. You can't really tell in this picture, but the pink ribbon trails down below the chipboard and is looped and attached at the top with a pink bead. Okay, now you've seen everything I've accomplished in the past five months and now I'm off to finish catching up on YOU and your blogs! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya!


ann said...

your things are lovely.where in the world did you find feed mom made most of my clothes out of flour sacks when i was a little girl.the material was really pretty.
Bless your heart.Yes winter is here and so is "Authur".Thats what i call him.I guess i'm lucky I have os,but you fight on sister,you're beating him to a pulp.haha.
i am so glad you're feeling better.really............ann

Janet C. Fish said...

Glad you have the RA under some kind of control. Aging and illness and conditions aren't for wimps, that's for sure.

The roses. Are you still making dolls now and again? Or no? Do you have any that could hold a few? I have a bouquet of silk roses ( not nearly as pretty or interesting as your real thing) in the hands of a doll.


Hi Sher,
You sure have a FEW feed sacks :)
Fun to see your tags.
After this estate sale...I'm going to CRAFT!!!
Happy Pumpki Day.
Deb :)

Sher said...

A bag or two just might end up in a giveaway! : )

Janet, doll making is something I'll probably eventually get back to. They're slow to move in the shop, though, so it will be something that I will do for me. Who knows what the next one might look like!? lol


misselaineous said...

Hey happy to see you're back. I was wondering where you'd gone. Hope your RA's not hurting too's tough when you have to cut back on stuff...the brain keeps jumping & the body says it wants a nap...anywhooo...welcome back...we've missed you! *elaine*

Anonymous said...

I love the clothes line with all those neat burlap sacks on it!! It is amazing how burlap is such a craze these days!!

Thanks for asking how I am doing. I think I am pretty much over that snake bite thing with the exception that my toes on that foot are stiff and somewhat sore especially in our cold weatherI am wondering if it is Arthur as Ann says!

We started services in the little town that we have been doing the bread dist and coffee time- last sunday was our 4th service- God is blessing!