Saturday, September 27, 2008

Still Van Hunting and a Tassel Tutorial

Searching for a new used vehicle can be exhausting! We looked at several vans but test drove only three. Let me just say that I underestimated the price of replacing my van. Make that substantially underestimated the price. I sure hope that, when I get the bill to replace the car I hit, that I didn't substantially underestimate that as well.
Anyway, no firm decisions were made. Maybe Monday...
Meanwhile, my quest to clear out the excess of arts and crafts supplies that I've accumulated over the years continues. My goal is to not purchase any more fabrics, buttons, etc., etc. until I've used up or gifted away what I've hoarded down to a manageable level. Hmm. What a confusing sentence that was. Presuming that you followed that thought, I'll also presume that you will thoroughly understand that, if there would happen to be fabrics or other arts and crafts supplies in a box lot that I purchase at an auction (say, for example, hidden underneath some really cool vintage hats that will surely sell at the shop), that it really wouldn't be my fault and would have to be an exception to my goal to not purchase any more supplies. Oh, okay! So some goals have to adjusted occasionally.
Here's an example of my latest attempt to use up what I have: The little chalkware bird was in one of the box lots in question.

It was accompanied by yet another little bird and two twin puppies. I had been hoarding wondering what I could do with them when it finally dawned one me that they would make cute tassels.
After I made the pink one, I thought of you. Actually, that's not right. You were not an afterthought. The idea that you might want to know how I did it was an afterthought. So, just in case, here's a little tutorial.
This is what I started with: A knick-knack, yarn that was in a box lot from eons ago, ribbon that was in still another box lot and some eyelash yarn that I can't remember whether I purposely bought or came in (you guessed it) one of those famous box lots. Keep in mind that the way I make these are probably not the best, correct, or recommended way to make tassels. In other words, you may want to Google a more correct or easy way to make them. If you're game to try it "my way", here goes: Decide about how long you want the tassel to be, then make continuous loops with your yarn to accommodate that length.
When the thickness of those loops is about as fat as you want your tassel to be, tightly wrap a separate length of yarn around one end and tie it securely. This will be the part that you'll stuff into whatever it is you're using for the top. Don't worry if it doesn't fit the way you were hoping. You can always add more yarn or pull some out.
Put a ring of hot glue around the opening of the piece you've chosen for the top. Use the tip of a screwdriver, paintbrush, etc. to stuff the yarn into place. If you want to add beads, ribbon, feathers, or whatever to the base of your tassel, you can apply a little hot glue to one end of your beads, etc. and push it into place. Tweezers come in really handy for this. You'll need a way to hang your piece. I chose to use ribbon and glued the ends to the sides before adding the finishing touches.
You can finish it off by gluing buttons, pretty ribbon, etc. around the bottom.
There ya go! Let me know how yours turns out!

4 comments: said...

How sweet!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tassel! I am going to have to try my hand at one of these someday! Would love to be put in for your drawing!

Blessings to you


Patricia said...

What a cute idea! I'm going to scrounge through my stash, I need something on the cord for the ceiling fan so I can turn it on without standing on a chair! Thanks for sharing,


Renee said...

Pretty! I love the sweetness to your tassels. Thanks bunches for sharing. I have some wood (things - don't know what they really are) that have a hole in them. I may give a try at a tassel . . .so much to do and so little time!