Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cornbread & Beans and a Rainy, Lazy Fall Day

You can certainly tell that Autumn has arrived in East Tennessee. Glance outside our home and you'll see overcast skies, raindrops on our outside furniture, leaves on our butterfly bush drying and losing its blooms, sunflowers turning away from the sun (of course, there is always the one exception). Leaves are dressing themselves in reds and golds (this weed looks like it has the Fall Measles). I allow certain weeds to grow because they provide fall and winter berries like these for the birds.

Come on inside today and you'll be greeted with a staple of the American South: Beans and cornbread. My hubby cooked the pinto beans; I don't think he trusts his raised-in-the-American North health conscious Filipino wife to make them. It probably has something to do with the fatback and salt he cooks in with the beans. It is at this point that I generally suck in my stomach, tighten the straps on my 60 year old sagging boobs and remind him that I am NOT just a trophy wife! He did entrust the cornbread to me. It is necessary, of course, to always bake cornbread in an iron skillet.
The rest of the day will be pretty much kick-back and quiet. Reminder: Leaving a comment will qualify you to be eligible for this month's Giftaway.



I'll be over for beans and cornbread, although beans aren't my favorite :) Yummy cornbread.
Love the tassel and one of these days I need to make one. I have lots of stuff that would work. I'm mailing your check on Monday. Thanks again.The pillow is just perfect and I'm going to show it off this week in a post. :)

Janet C. Fish said...

Uh, do you think I could get there in time for dinner? Man alive, that looks good! I want some.

What else I want is the recipe for the cornbread. AND, I need to know why you cook it in an iron skillet. Seriously, I need to know that.

I didn't know that iron skillets were for anything but camping and making frying pan art on.

You got the cooking part of our collective brain. You barely left me enough to not starve to death. So, ya just gotta 'splain the skillet.

It sure looks great cooking it like that, and I want to try that.

Peggy said...

Beans and cornbread - there's nothing better than that. Yours looks delicious.

KatCollects said...

My Mom always cooked her cornbread in a cast iron skillet, NO cornbread has ever tasted as good as that. I asked her recently if she would cook me some, she said "oh I got rid of that skillet a long time ago" HOW COULD SHE? : ) Warm cornbread in a tall glass with cold milk over it eaten with a spoon THE BEST!!!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Sher...omg, you crack me up! That cornbread looks to die for...can I have the recipe??? I'd have to loosen the elastic on my pants, cuz I could eat that whole pan!!!!

Have a great week!



Hi Sher,
Thanks for telling me what the little pillow said...I had no idea and that is really EXTRA SPECIAL that you made one just for that room. You are so SWEET.
Warmly, Deb

Hooked on Houses said...

The flowers are so lovely, and the cornbread looks yummy! I've never made it in a cast-iron skillet like that before. Can you make a space for me at the table, too? -Julia :-)

Patricia said...

Yummy cornbread!! That's the best part anyway, needed a pro to pull that off! I do love the beans too, though. Perfect for a rainy day,


Bebe said...

Hi Sher!

Are there any beans and cornbread crumbs left?? MMMMmmmmm, they look delicious! I bet they are already gone, though. Southern yummies like those don't stay around long. :)

Loved seeing your pretty sunflowers! I planted some this year, but they refused to bloom like that.

Thanks for your sweet comment about Paul Newman. What a terrible loss ~ there is no one around today with his style and charisma.

Lots of Hugs...are you sure there's not any cornbread left? :) Really.....sure?

Bebe :)

Janet C. Fish said...

The pictures are lovely Sher. I love sunflowers and each year intend to plant them. I have to figure out when the best time to plant the seeds is in Kansas.

I check here every day hoping you've posted your cornbread recipe. And I need you to guide me on what kind of iron skillet you use, any particulars I need to know. I want some corn bread that looks just like what you pulled out of the oven.

If you are not forthcoming with that information, I'll have to drive all the way to Eastern TN to eat cornbread at your house.

Love, Janet

Judy said...

I love beans and corn bread. Did you save me some?