Monday, November 5, 2007

A Gathering of Miscellany

Can you believe that Christmas is NEXT MONTH??? I know that time supposedly passes faster for you when you get older but this is ridiculous. I still have to remind myself that this is 2007 every time I write a check.
Plus, here in NE Tennessee, autumn is just beginning! I was starting to think that we were truly having an endless summer. The temps are still really warm here for the time of year (I think we're supposed to hit 70° again this week) but the trees are finally starting to color.
I love the way this place is tucked behind the trees. No, it's not my place - just one that I think looks serene.
And, I know I said in my last post that I expected things around here to return to normal this week. Well, they haven't. Things are going great guns at the new shop and I'm continuing to clean quilts and linen, pretty glasses, etc. to transport to Elizabethton and replace what has been sold. At least we had a couple more pieces of furniture that had already been cleaned, etc. and were ready for display. We're all pleased that things are going so well.
And in the absence of new pictures to share for my trash-to-treasure ventures, I have this:
We have a very small bathroom with basically no room for storage. Although I did give this old planter a fresh coat of paint, nothing else was needed to make it useful for me. Just wanted to show you that something doesn't have to be completely redesigned to be repurposed.
The planter is slender and not real tall so it doesn't take up much space but it does an adequate job of holding extra towels and TP as well as storing a few magazines for those times in the bathroom that, well, you have nothing else to do but wait for things to happen.
Sorry for this short post but I'm off now to my studio for a day of painting, sewing, sanding and cutting - not necessarily in that order!

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Robolady said...

love the re-purposed planter. You are right, sometimes all you need is a can of spray paint.