Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hi, Everyone!
I'm hoping to be back on a regular posting schedule but you know what is said about the planning of mice and men. I'm told that applies to women as well!
What a week, what a weekend and what a DAY yesterday was!
If you read my blog on an even semi regular basis, you know that yesterday was the first day of opening for the Corner Nest, a new 18,000+ square foot antiques and gifts mall in which we have a spot. It was also the day for "Elvis" (Jesse Wade) to perform at the Shop Around the Corner, another antiques mall in which we have two large rooms.
"Elvis" was scheduled to perform at 12:00 noon; he was hired for the specific purpose of attracting the 400 red hatters (learn about them HERE if you're not familiar with them) to that shop. It was a free concert for them and everyone else who wanted to be there, as it was paid for by shop owners Linda and Mike Glover.
Here's a picture of Linda and Mike - cute couple, eh?
I've come to know Linda very well and am pleased that we've become friends. She's a wonderful person and I could carry on with all the accolades that wonderful people deserve. But I won't simply because you've surely heard positive comments before. Apply them all here to her.
Okay, before I digress too badly: My husband and I approached the Shop around 12:15PM. I commented to him that I didn't hear any music. Once we actually reached the shop we were immediately impressed with the beautiful sea of red and purple hats. Yes, it does seem that the two colors would clash but put them on a group of aged 50+ ladies who are out to have a good time and trust me, it's glorious.
There I go, digressing again. Long story short, Elvis was late. Almost an hour late. I wanted to start a crowd chant of "Elvis, El-VIS!" but Linda basically threatened serious harm to my limbs so I passed on it. Although most people were past the stage of restlessness and Linda was very near entering the manic zone, she somehow handled it with her typical grace. When Jesse Wade did appear, it took very little time for him to set up and get into costume and a much shorter time for him to charm his audience. I've never seen so many ladies of respected society swoon and (some) actually cry. It was a sweet experience. Really. And loads of fun.
I threw my own reservations to the wind and chased him around until he danced with me. If my children are reading this, let me assure the two of you that you would have probably been appropriately embarrassed by your mother's behavior.
(In this picture, he handed me his belt and I promptly tried to sell it for $5 to anyone on the street.)
Linda (who says she doesn't dance) and I even danced. Geez, who knew this 59 year old body could still shimmy? (Gulp!) You can see the rest of the pictures here if you want:
Yesterday was also the first day of business for the Corner Nest. The girls at the checkout counter were busy the entire day.
You've already seen so many "under construction" pictures of this mall that I won't post a bunch of those pix (I do have an on-line album, if you want to take a peek: ) , but I did want you to see this particular repurposed item:
How nifty is this? Someone cleverly converted an old organ into a desk.
I didn't see the price tag on it but will find out. I know you trash-to-treasure artists and seekers will want that info!
Also, look at this:
Can you believe it's a CAKE? Every bit of this is handmade and eatable, with the exception of the tiny flowers laying next to the cake.
My hubby and I were sure impressed. Honest to goodness, even up close it looks like a hat box carefully wrapped in cloth.
This is the work of Carol, who owns a local B & B and also does catering. Sorry, I don't have any additional info but will get that for you. She has an antiques booth at the new mall and will also be handling some food preparation when the restaurant part opens.
That's all for now but I'll be back soon with more of my own trash to treasure ventures! Thanks for stopping by!


Thrift Shop Romantic said...

Well I hope everyone said "Love Me Tender" to the antiques as well as The King, and that it won't be a "Blue, Blue Christmas". :-)

Entirely too funny, Sher! I LOVE the huge laughing smile you have on your face at the sight of Mr. Presley

Janet Fish said...

OMG, I wish I'd been there!

Also, that cake. Did it get eaten? It's so perfect.

Linda Vulich said...

I am so impressed with the organ made into a desk,and the cake is gorgeous.