Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Change of Plans

The only thing constant is change. I don't know who first said it; I know only that it's been repeated many times, probably mostly by me. I also know it's true. The date for the Grand Opening of Elizabethton's new antiques mall has been pushed back once again. This time, the date is reset for October 27. I'm presuming that's this year, 2007. All the necessary inspections have yet to be made. Not cleared, mind you, but made. The first inspection to be put off a few weeks ago was that of the city's electrical personnel. He was on vacation. And yet I still enjoy small town living.
If nothing else, my time here on earth has taught me to bounce and bend with changes. So, as far as our spot in the new mall, I've removed all traces of Halloween-type decor and memorabilia and am replacing it with:

That's okay, I like Christmas much better than Halloween, anyway. We're hoping to get the display finished some time this week.

By the way, that's my hubby up there. Hi, Honey! He's neither part of the display nor for sale.

I expect that the other venders will soon follow suit with the Christmas displays. I mean, if the shop does open October 27 of this year, we'll have only three short days left before November. Thanksgiving doesn't get the attention it deserves (JMHO) so doing a Christmas theme only makes sense to me. Meanwhile, here's what some of the rest of the mall is looking like:

If you want to see more pix of the new place, click HERE.

My TRASH TO TREASURE endeavors have had to move to my proverbial back burner, although my sweet husband did somehow find time to work on this:

The picture doesn't show its injustices. In addition to the entire piece being filthy, the top was warped, the sides cracked and I won't address what I think probably lived inside the drawers.

The "after" pix of this piece will be posted in a couple days. Yes, just a couple days. Not next week-and-a-half. But don't hold me to it. Just kidding.

I really will see you here again in just a couple days! 'Til then...!

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Janet Fish said...

Okay, this is very cool. I like what you are doing. I bet it'll be very successful. The place looks like it has a good feel.

Love, Janet