Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some midweek ramblings

Woo-hoo! The weather forecast is showing a reprieve from this heat and I for one will be sooo happy to get rid of the upper 90's - low 100 temps and especially this awful humidity. I'm not holding my breath for it, tho, as I've on several occasion noted that Doplar Radar is not as accurate as my own body's forecast. (Darn these joints!)
The humidity is much lower in the mornings so I've taken advantage of those hours before 8:00 AM to catch up on some much-needed garden weeding. It's been awhile since I've posted pictures of the large garden (as indicated in one of my first posts, we have several gardens on the property) so please excuse me while I indulge myself.
The first photo is tall phlox; the second is of zinnias with a giant hibiscus behind them and the third is of the crepe myrtle that lives in our patio garden. The tiny rose-like flowers are on one of our moss rose plants. They're beautiful this year and are in so many different colors!
Next is a sunflower, of course. They look like such simple flowers until you look at the brown center, which in a few weeks will be black with sunflower seeds.
My tiger lillies are taller than me this year. The last time we measured my height was years ago and I was 5' 3 3/4.
I know I have "shrunk" but I don't think it's much.
Okay, now let's play "catch up" on one of my trash heap projects. Remember this one:
I completely stripped the fabric from it, repaired the wobbly legs and painted them. I had some jacquard upholstery fabric (in purple, one of my favorite colors!), added a LOT of stuffing and some white "pearl" buttons and now it looks like this.
It's still not done; I need to get a couple more buttons (yep, I came up short!) and to add fabric underneath to finish it off. I might add a tassel to each corner but am undecided. What do you think? Add tassel or not? Seriously, let me know!
By the way, I had to take a pic of it in our living room because it is too big to fit in any other room (you know, with furniture and all). As soon as I do the finish work, it's off to one of our shops.


Dawnie said...

Love the moss rose, one of my favorites here in Dallas, hard to hurt that stuff, and it blooms no matter what heat, humidity, drought you throw at it! Beautiful garden pictures!

Janet said...

Like I think I've told you before, if you move to Kansas, I'll let you work in my yard, which is FLAT btw, well, except for the holes from the critters. AND, we'll come over to your house for dinner a lot, because you are a good cook.

Tassles? Tassels? I don't know whether to use them or not. I have no taste. If it was going to be in my house, I'd probably need to leave them off, because the cats would attack the tassels tassles.


Sher said...

Thanks, Dawnie! I've never had moss roses that I had not put in a container, so this is the first year I actually put them in the garden. They make a great ground cover! I had no idea that the blooms would get as large as they are (some about 2"+ across).

Janet, if we could let some of the air out of the rocks under the property, our land would be flat, too! Thanks for the cooking compliments!