Sunday, August 12, 2007

Finally! It's been a productive week!

...first things first! I'm thrilled to have been given the Nice Matters Award from Margo of Robomargo's Blog aka Robolady. If you're not familiar with Margo, do yourself a favor and visit her blog at . She's the guru of all trash-to-treasurers as well as knowing that NICE MATTERS very well herself. And now with this award I have a mission: to pick seven bloggers and pass this same award onto them!

It is sooo hard to pick only seven bloggers, as it seems all my blogger friends are equally nice and each is special to me. However, these are the seven I finally chose:

Trash Collector

Thrift Shop Romantic

Green Bean Workshop

My Messy Thrilling Life

AJ's Trash to Treasure

Love the Prim Look

Thanks again, Margo, for including me in your seven!!!

This week (actually, the last couple of days) I decided that I really like the idea of incorporating parts of broken drawers into some of my redo aka trash to treasure projects. So, of course, I failed to include a drawer part in this project:

Remember that I removed the back from this chair? Last week I posted a picture of the shelf that I made from the back. After removing the seat from the legs ~ and staring at that seat that seemed to be glaring at me for several days ~ I came up with this:

The mirror came from a box of wall mirrors that had been removed from someone's (I honestly don't know whose) house. I won the mirrors in a box lot at an estate. Note the 70's gold scribbly things on the mirror. The middle hook was in another box that I've had tucked away forever and the two wooden knobs on the side were little pieces of the same chair. Look at the cool color that came out when I sanded the seat! Anyway, I attached the mirror and the hooks, put a wire hanger on the back and this is what I came up with. The shelf below was made out of another old chair (obviously). I attached one of those trashed drawer sides to it for a handy-dandy shelf and drilled some angled holes in the bottom to fit those little wooden dowel hooks.

The piece isn't as shiny as it looks in the picture.

By the way, if anyone happens to know what this little figurine is that's posed on the shelf, I'd appreciate you letting me know. I think it might be part of an old advertising display.

And, finally, I did tell you that I would take a picture of that old dresser with its dressed-up bench and the mirror it ended up with (after we broke the one that was supposed to be attached to it). This is how the set looks as it awaits a new owner in one of our shops.

The bench ended up with a cream or off white (actually, Heritage White) paint and a new cover of black upholstery fabric with colors in it that match the green and the cream colors that we painted the dresser.

I love the fantasy peahens in the fabric.

As for now, it's time to finish cleaning my sewing studio (at least an all day task). Thanks for stopping by!


Janet Fish said...

Whoa! You have been very busy! I absolutely love what you are doing. Love that mirror, but before I read it and looked at it more closely, I thought, "How clever that she took a picture of the corner of her kitchen." LOL hahah

BTW, I wonder if the little Bell Hop could be one of the Phillip Morris advertising Bell Hops.

Janet said...

One other thing. I blogged about you on my blog today.

Robolady said...

All great projects, can't wait to see what you do with the legs and spindles of that chair. Wow, one chair and so many projects from it.

I may just have to feature that chair on my web site someday soon.

Dawnie said...

I love the color of the chair after sanding, what a great project! Found your blog from Margo's, so glad I did, you have alot of great treasures here :) I will definitely add you to my feed reader!

lovetheprimlook said...

Thank you so much for the award !!! You are such a doll!!! I love the have such a talent !!!