Saturday, August 25, 2007


This weekend is a Nascar race weekend here in Bristol, TN. Our sleepy little community virtually turns into a campground overnight.
I grew up in Indianapolis where one of the major streets becomes one big party parking lot the night before the Indianapolis 500.
The race events are wonderful for businesses but the traffic from them are a pain for people who want only to leave their homes to go grocery shopping. So, here I am, tucked in tight at home with my hubby, four parrots and dog Frankie.
That said, yesterday before the heavy traffic hit was a good day for me to drop off a couple more furniture pieces, glassware and "fluff" items in Elizabethton (Tennessee, of course). While I was there I took pix of all the rooms. While there are several of us who have rooms at the one store (Shop Around the Corner), a very sweet gal named Linda is the actual business owner. Shop Around the Corner is located in a large old farmhouse with all the charm of the 1800's south.
My hubby and I rent two rooms from her; you'll probably recognize which ones they are because some of the furniture will look familiar to you. If you want to see all the rooms and the variety of personalities (we all like different things and decorate differently, which we think makes the business more interesting), click here.
We have items in another Elizabethton shop, Robin's Nest. I'll post a picture link to the Nest later. The proprietor of that shop is busy getting a new antiques mall ready for opening (date unknown). We'll also have space in that mall.
And, in case you're wondering what I'm doing while sequestered in my self-imposed home exile, here's some pictures of current projects:
OOPS! I forgot to take the "Before" picture of this little two drawer end table. I did take pix of one drawer and, before adding mosaics to the top, managed to get a closeup of the boo-boo that was probably left behind by a careless smoker.
The amoeba-shaped area is a blackened burn about the length of a cigarette. Don't let me get started about the perils of smoking.
This "before" pic of the top drawer will give you an idea of what this piece looked like before I raided our paint closet.
And this is my progress thus far:
It's finished with the exception of the drawer pulls. One of the original pulls was broken but I wouldn't want to re-install them, anyway, as they would no longer go with the look of the piece. I'm thinking about substituting them with a colored knob, possibly pink, green or blue to match the colors in the mosaic.
Here is another project-in-waiting (yes, another pregnant project):
Who in the world would do this to a Hoosier cabinet? Or any piece of furniture, actually. I mean, you really have to be pretty rough or careless to tear wood doors from furniture that has been put together with dowels or screws.
These two pieces came to us this way but it's pretty obvious from the larger sized top that the two weren't meant to be one set. It just so happens that I have another smaller top that was separated from its bottom in my sewing studio. It's sitting on a wood table and being used to store various art supplies. After giving this door-less top a good cleaning, I'll trade the two tops and have a nice looking, albeit mismatched, cabinet.
Thanks for stopping by; see you next time!

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Robolady said...

Great pieces. Thanks for the shop tour.