Monday, December 10, 2012

Family, Flu and (Christmas) Frenzy

Hubby and I are home, safe and sound, from our Indiana trip.  Well, maybe not so sound - I picked up a bug and have been sick since we got back.  But we had a great time while we were there.  I, of course, had to share a photo of my great-grandson Bentley and my youngest grandson, Ace.  Ace is certainly proud of his little nephew!
As you know, our antiques and collectibles are now in four shops!  *Whew!*  If you've never been involved in this business,  you have no idea how busy shop owners and vendors stay, especially this time of year.  Being in one shop is busy enough.  Four is ridiculous.
One of our booths in the Corner Nest has a little roof; it's really handy for additional display and we take advantage of it during the Christmas season.  We've used this Nativity scene for the last three years.  We could have sold it a couple hundred times.  Last year we had a gentleman leave a message for us telling us to "name our price".  Uh-uh.  It's not for sale. 

It's the only display we have that isn't for sale.  Everything else can definitely be purchased!  We sold quite a few things at the Nest's Open House (it was on the first of December) .  We also sold several items at the Homestead's Open House.  This coming Saturday is the Open House for West State Antiques.  Here are a few shots of one of our booths there:
 This runner lights up - so gorgeous "in person"!

 I painted the snow family scene on the ironing board in the right side of the picture below.  We're still adding to the items here - lots to do before Saturday!
Below is a shot of one of our spaces at the Homestead Shoppe. Several of these items sold during their Open House 
This next photos is just a portion of the "back porch" we rented in Bristol's newest shop, the Cottage House.  We'll only be in this spot for three months (that's another post) but if you live in the area, it's a "must see" shop! 

With all our shop activity, we are running really behind on getting our home decorated, gifts wrapped, etc.  I finally decorated our tree last night and started wrapping gifts but now our living room and bedroom look like Christmas got mad at us and threw up in those rooms.  Lots more to do!  'Till next time, stay Blessed and healthy!

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