Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year, one and all!

My wish for each of you and your families is that you have a safe and happy New Year and that 2013 bring many blessings and improvements to and for all of us.

The end of the year is always a time of reflection for me.  This year I will celebrate the end of this year with my husband, as we generally do.  We will venture out onto our front porch with a glass of cheap champagne and listen to the sounds of distant fireworks.  We will kiss at midnight, then go back inside, turn off the lights and sleep the rest of the night.  Boring, yes, but I do look forward to spending future uneventful New Year eves with him and I pray he will do the same with me.

I happily bid goodbye to 2012; it has been a difficult year not just for my family but for our country.  We've seen more violence in schools and on the streets.  God has been kicked out of government offices and our schools.  The U.S. is in serious debt and her people are losing jobs, income. 

On a personal level, I cannot imagine anything more painful than losing a child or grandchild.  It is something you never get over, something my family is still suffering through.  I have personally struggled with ill health and we have been told my husband will be losing his job some time next year.

We will be fervently praying for our and your families, for our country, for health and for understanding and for a much improved 2013.  We look forward to 2013 with positive hearts.  God be with each of you and may He cover each of us with His will.  God bless you and again, Happy New Year!

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