Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snow People, Open Houses and Rushing out the Door!

Just look at the sweet expressions on this vintage snow couple!  They were part of an estate buy-out and I fell in love with them immediately.  I kept them as part of our home decor last year but they will have a new home for this Christmas.  They were part of the Christmas items we took to Church Hill, Tennessee today for our booths at the Homestead Shoppe there.

We'll be leaving for Indiana next Friday to spend Thanksgiving with "the kids".  This means we have barely one week to get our spaces in all three shops ready for the big Christmas shopping weekend after Thanksgiving!  Plus, two of the shops have Open Houses coming up within the next three weeks!  

This beautiful antique lawn dress isn't part of our display.  I saw it today as I was wandering about the Homestead.  So wonderfully shabby and chic!  I had to share it with you.


Janet C. Fish said...

Wow, you have a lot to do in the next week! You'll get it done. You sure know how to display things. When I put together a display, it looks like a swap meet or garage sale.

Love you!

Sher said...

Thanks for your confidence in me! Sure wish I had it, too! ;) Love you, too!