Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoulder Spurs, Surplus and Sewing Patches

Shoulder update: Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.  The diagnosis my orthopaedist gave me was pretty much what I anticipated - I have shoulder spurs and minor rotator cuff damage.  He did give me an injection to help with the pain but it turns out that the numbness I've been experiencing in my arm, hand and fingers have nothing to do with my shoulder and everything to do with my neck.  Several years ago I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease (along with, sadly, several thousands other people). I was told that my spine had quite a bit of damage and the damage seemed to be excelerating fairly quickly. The numbness I'm feeling is from those pinched nerves in my neck.  I'm doing some exercises that will hopefully help to alleviate some of the pain and tingling. An MRI will better define what's going on or, more specifically, what treatment paths we'll be taking.  Continued prayers are appreciated.

Anyone who knows me knows I've been diligently working  trying to use up and otherwise get rid of my miscellaneous mess extra supplies of fabric and needlework supplies for the last four or five years recently.  Believe it or not, I'm actually starting to see success somewhere in that dark hole I call my sewing/art studio.  But, as I was sorting through dresser drawers, I started seeing another hoarding trend that I didn't even know I had started.  
 Pillow cases. Not sets or pairs of pillow cases, mind you.  Just pillow cases.  One at a time, no matching partner, no fabulous story, just single pillow cases.  Lots of them.  A few of them are vintage (very few) with some pretty embroidery work or trim on them.  I can probably recycle and turn some of them into potpourri pillows or the like.  But others are just plain ugly.
I have no idea what to do with them.  Do you have any ideas? Aside from donating them to Goodwill or trying to hide them in a box and send them to the auction, I mean.  (By the way, I didn't include the ugliest of them in any of the pictures.  Yes, they are THAT ugly.)

Speaking of ugly - does your husband insist on keeping a certain pair of jeans?  (Not accusing your hubby of being ugly, just a possible given pair of his jeans.)  Sweet Hubby has a pair of jeans that I have patched and repatched so many times that the only original part of them is the zipper.  Why do I patch them?  Because he would wear them anyway and the holes are, well, in areas that could cause him to be arrested.   And no, I won't show you those particular areas!  I'd love to hear your favorite jean stories.  They don't have to be YOUR favorite jeans, as obviously the above pair are not mine. 

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