Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Piddling and Working Become as One

Per the online dictionary: Piddle: pid·dle (pdl)
v. pid·dled, pid·dling, pid·dles
To use triflingly; squander: piddle away one's time.
1. To spend time aimlessly; diddle.
2. Informal To urinate. Umm - let's discard the informal definition, aka #2. When piddling and working marry, it is a marriage made in Heaven. At least, that's my take on it. And when the weather is beautiful as it is right now, piddling/working in my gardens are as one to me. Anyway, I spent a few minutes outside this morning and worked on one of my gardens. This time I chose half (okay, more like 1/4) of the one behind our patio also known as the pond garden, aka the patio garden, aka the garden behind the patio. Tomorrow is my day to receive my Remicade treatment (which, by the way, my body is no longer responding to) and I am hoping I can get more done in next week. My Rheumatologist is getting permission from our insurance company to switch me over to Orencia. Meanwhile, I've been receiving "dose packs" of Prednisone to get me through the month. But I digress...enough about rheumatoid arthritis. I started this little garden a couple years ago. Ironically, it paralleled the day a beloved neighbor passed away. I wanted something really soothing so I gave it yet another aka: the Peace Garden.
There's nothing really special about it except for the fact that I have a more intimate attachment to it than my other gardens. The background is lushly planted with weeds. The area I worked in this morning has a little figurine of a girl with a basket. My MIL gave her to me for my birthday a couple years before she died. I put a broken pot under a lilly, hoping a toad will find it to be a comfy spot to relax in the shade while waiting for tasty bugs to catch. I scattered a few little seashells and a sweet little garden sign that I found during one of the shopping trips my MIL and I used to take. It says, "Come into this garden for here you'll find Peace." The rest of the plants are mostly lilies of the valley and hosta with several daffodils thrown in for early color. I had to squeeze in a shot of these sprigs my sweet hubby brought in for me the other day. And for now, I need to rest for awhile. Hoping for more energy and less pain next week!


Tolentreasures said...

Love your garden, what a great story!



Hi Sher,
Love the peace garden and the sprinkle of sea shells! My garden flowers are just starting to grow.
Rest up this weekend.
Deb :)