Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pepper Steak, A New Product and Spring at our Place

We added a new product to the shop (Corner Nest, Elizabethton, TN) this week - key chains! Yeah, I know - what's so exciting about key chains? Well, as you know, it doesn't take a lot to get me excited but these particular chains are sooo darned CUTE! We've never carried key chains before and the first time I saw these, I knew I had to at least give them the ol' college try: They're not just key chains, they're little books! And they seem to celebrate every occasion. Here's a peek at a couple pages inside one of the "Friendship" type chains: Now, how cute is that? They almost look like miniature purses. Just had to show 'em to ya! Now, a look at what our place is looking like as of this morning: The creek in front of our house - it runs through the front part of our property and always sounds so well, creek-like. I love the sound but it's not so fun to keep it clean. Speaking of which, looks like I have quite a bit of cleanup of wintry dead stuff along the wall. (I have a small garden of Iris growing next to the wall to the right) Time for the Hubby to get all his equipment uncovered and literally "in gear" (actually, I hear the mowers running outside as I'm typing this). Okay, this is a little prettier: A closeup of some of the blooms on one of our Dogwood trees ...and a look at the pink blossoms on our peach tree. And this is a picture of the pond behind our back patio - the one I should be cleaning out right now! Going on to yummier things, I fixed pepper steak last night for dinner. Remembering that I'm Filipino-American, I cook my Asian dishes using American veggie substitutes. (This is also primarily done in restaurants as well.) Start out by frying some beef strips in olive oil. Fry them quickly. You'll want them to be nice and brown on the outside. The amount of beef you use depends on how much you want to make or how large your family is. This is the time to season the steak. I like to use fresh black peppercorn - you can buy them at the grocery in those little bottles that have lids that allow you to grate the pepper as you turn the lid. You know what I mean. I also like to add a little garlic and some ginger. While that is frying, slice a couple bunches of green onions, including the tops. Lower the heat a little and add the onions to the beef. Cut a bell pepper into strips and add some sliced carrots for color. Serve it over a bed of cooked rice: Have a wonderful day! OOPS! I forgot to add - season to taste with soy sauce!!!!!


Vickie said...

Looks good, Sher! My husband loves this kind of stuff. Will have to try it.

I'm glad you volunteered that you were Filipino. I thought so, but thought it'd be rude to ask. My middle son dated a beautiful Filipino girl for a couple of years - didn't work out for those two, but I often thought they would have had such beautiful babies together!

Michele said...

Oh Sher...that skirt steak looks and sounds so yummy...might have to try making that for Glenn!

Thanks for the comments to my latest dilema...have no idea how things will turn out...praying God gives me strength to get through this rough patch!