Saturday, February 28, 2009

Updated Pictures of my Studio

First, the warning:  This is still a hard-hat working area.  Things may fall and avalanches may occur without advanced warnings.  
 This area above my main sewing area hasn't changed much.  I have been good about keeping the bulk of my ribbons and trims displayed on old bobbins.  Now that they're out of boxes and drawers, I can see them and have been using them because I now know what I have in stock.
Some of the area hasn't changed much sense your last visit here.  Do you recognize any of the repurposed cans I've been making? 
Oh, wait - sorry!  Most of them are over here, above the work table to my right:  
And this, um, is under the work table to my right:
Oh, hush! I never said I was finished!  Next to this area is the door to my studio closet.  The back of the closet is looking much better:   and the middle of the closet has improved (it's a long, narrow closet):  But I'm not ready to show you the front of the closet yet.  Nope.  No way!
Working your way around the room (moving carefully, very carefully, in small baby steps) to the right, you'll see a large red shelf that I'm not showing you, either.  However, next to that large red shelf is my Hoosier cabinet:   No, I don't call this organized.  I call this "much better than it was".
  The Hoosier has a very small work surface.  I just finished this little fairy-guarding-eggs nest and will be listing it on my Etsy  The eggs are a light blue, by the way.  I have no idea why in the world the camera decided to make them all royal blue.
Okay, continuing on to the right, past the door where you came in and on the wall abutting the door is my largest fabric stash.  This little shelf, holding some supplies and a few finished bottles, is first:  Right next to it is my fabric stash:    Oh, stop that screaming!  It's not that scary, is it?  Okay, I guess it is pretty bad...
      I still have my library card file under it.  You've already seen it.  It's boring.  Okay, so it's a little frightening, too.  (I can hear Deb whispering to herself, "Sher, your work areas still look worse than mine...")  Make a sharp right again and you're at my second sewing station, located to the left of my main sewing area. 
      No, I'm not showing you that table, either.  You can see the sewing machine cover to the right of the yellow phone, above.  Stop bellowing.  You're not seeing it right now.  No way, no how.  However, I will show you this shelf that is on the edge of both tables (they sit side by side), against the wall.
   Okay, now it's your turn.  Are you woman enough to show your work area before it's totally cleaned and organized? 


That Girl Ang said...

I could have SO much fun playing there! Wow-Wee!

Patricia said...

I didn't scream once! I hate to admit that it's lots more organized than mine, sigh.
Patricia Rose-A Potpourri of Fabric, Fragrance and Findings


Hello Friend :)
You can sure make me smile. Your room looks so much better than mine and I'll show you the photos to prove it!! I am up the the challenge!!!
We were at antique store today for 5 hours moving stuff to a larger space that hubby decided that we needed to rent..well, we do have plently to we will finish up tomorrow. I'll show you my craft room this coming week. Have a good weekend Sher!!

Judy said...

What a cool place. I loved the tour and I wasn't at all scared. I smiled a lot though, hope that was OK!!


Challenge COMPLETED !!!!
Your room looks WAY better than mine:)
Have a good week.

KatCollects said...

I had to laugh at your warning, LOL. Love seeing where people create.

Anonymous said...

Sher- Love that you display your ribbons and lace on old bobbins- man I wish I had kept mine now! I had a dozen at least and sold them when we were moving to CO!

You space looks great compared to mine- i haven't even started to organize the craft stuff since moving here over a year ago! Hey but I organized my spices the other day!! does that count!!!

The soap really does work well on dirty stuff- i use the 2 TBS and put in another 1/2 cup or so of baking soda for our water is hard- they come out great!!


love the little fairy nest!

Janet C. Fish said...

I've been in your studio, and I loved it, even back then. It felt creative. It was one of those places that if I lived in your house, I'd do the same thing with that little room. I loved that room. And you've done so much more.

I'd like to just sit in there and hand sew quietly while you do your work. Might be a might bit "cozy" though. LOL You wouldn't have room for my big recliner in there, would you? LOL

Michele said...

Oh Sher ~ you are so much more organized that I am. I'll go home tonight and take pics and then post them tomorrow. For some reason, my room is an okay size, but I don't have much room..what's with that?

Enjoy your day!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

OOooooh! I love your room. So many pretty items to play with.

Hugs :)


Tolentreasures said...

I loved the tour! I have lots of work "areas" since the nest is empty and I would not want to show some of them....some are ok, others are SCARY!


ann said...

Oh bless your heart.Mine is such a mess.I cannot EVER find what I need.My son is bi-polar,and alot,most of the time,he is like a 3 yr old.
He is always getting into my crafts.Everytime he comes oner.He stays up half the nite and rambles.I will find the strangest things in the strangest places.If I find them at all.
But what do you do?As I said he's just like a child...Ann

mrs.deane said...

This is such a fun post, Sher!

I'm glad I realized you have a blog!

Thank you for the pretty extras you sent along with my Etsy order!

Love, Susan

LillyB said...

Wow! This is like Disney land for grown up girls LOL
I love it!!!
Found your blog thru Deb. Isn't she great?
Mine is under construction Danger/ Mountainous terrain ahead/ should be posted on my home office door!!
Thank you for sharing with us!
Nice to meet you!