Friday, February 20, 2009

A Look at Radford and FRIDAY FLEA MARKET

Here are just a few of the sights we noted while we were in Radford, Virginia; most were taken after we found out that our treasures wouldn't make us filthy rich.   I have a thing for old houses; I love 'em!  This one looks like it could have been a bed and breakfast at one time.  Take a look at the upper left windows; I'm thinking that, maybe, this was a turret at one time and that the rounded window glass may have been replaced.
Although we thought the town was sweet and chocked full of old time charm, we did see some hints that let us know HGTV landscapers failed to make an impression in certain places. However, I have to admit this tire fence accented with painted bottles on sticks is one way to keep that rubber and glass out of the landfills.
Hubby got quite a kick out of this pedestrian sign; someone had exercised his/her artistic license, changing it into a pedestrian-walking-with-hula-hoop sign.  And this billboard ad for Macado's Restaurant was one that he just liked.  
Here's a home I'd love to tour when the work is finished:  
Today is FRIDAY!    You know what that means - a bunch of us bloggers (thanks to Polly at Counting Your Blessings) have various FLEA MARKET items that we're listing.  I'm including a cotton daisy chain trim among my items today.  It's only $1.75 for two yards, plus shipping.  Click HERE or on the picture to view my items and be sure to click the red polka-dotted logo.  It will take you to the list of participating shops and bloggers!  


Michele said...

Hi Sher ~ oh my, I love that big ole house and I would definitely turn it into a bed and breakfast!

I don't know how you could get those pins on my header...I just took it from Banner of Blessings..she creates her own to use free. I love them too..maybe I should try to make them...ha! Add that to a long list of to-do's!

Have a great weekend!

Janet C. Fish said...

I absolutely love that tire fence with the bottles. That is outsider art, someone's vision. It's simply got to be appreciated. I would love to do something like that myself, or live next door to someone who did. It's wonderful.

There was a guy in the deep South, I think it was mississippi. When his wife died, he set up a table and chairs and tea set outside under the big ol' shade tree. He also put a pair of her shoes under the table, in front of a chair. I've forgotten what else he did, but it was intensely personal to him and moving to see. (I saw it in a picture.)

There was someone also in Mississippi or LA who built a fence out of old suitcases. Looked like heck, but it was his vision. I loved it.

Then an old lady who lined her grandchildren's big wheels up in a line as some kind of expression. It was quite artistic. And it was changable, because the kids still played with them.

There are people who quietly go about making their statements and expressing their vision. You were blessed to get to see that one in person. I look for things like that.

Love, Janet

KatCollects said...

I love beautiful older homes like that. I hope you have a great weekend.