Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine Preferences, new TAGS, and the January Giftaway is ON!

Saturday morning, the time that we women usually reserve for housecleaning, grocery shopping, flea marketing, etc...and here I am, in front of the computer, editing pictures and wondering about you.  I'm wondering what your Valentine's Day color preferences and texture preferences might be, and whether you think about a certain time in history or in your own life is or was a more romantic time than the present.

Take a look at the two above pictures.  Which do you prefer, the sharp red and white contrast or the soft tones of white mixed with some red.  Have yous noticed a change in your decorating palette, or have you always been consistent with your choices?  

Me, I'm leaning more toward the softer, muted tones.  I remember that, as a younger woman, I viewed florals as being something that an old lady would choose.  Today, I love the florals and cottage-y look.  Of course, I am a grandma but old?  Nah, not me.  Not as long as Loreal has hair color products.

I decided to do a little poll on the subject.  See it in the right margin?  Please do me a favor and vote in this very scientific based study of mine.  Okay, so it's not science.  So I'm just being nosey.  Either way, I'd appreciate your input.

Meanwhile, instead of doing dishes I've been making tags.  I used wallpaper as a background; the black base reminds me of the wallpaper we had in our living room when I was growing up.  As I was working with the various elements, I kept hearing an old song called "That Old Black Magic" going through my head.  I think it was popular before I was born; anyway, I decided to group these five together and call them "Black Magic".  They're now for sale - if you want them, they're $8.95, including the postage.  Of course, I take Paypal, money orders and personal checks.  Yes, I trust personal checks.  I mean, who in the world would want someone to read about their personal check bouncing on a blog?  So, I trust personal checks.  
I haven't talked much about this month's Giftaway - but be assured, it is ON and the winner's name will be pulled from the list of those who commented on this blog during the months of December and January!  The winner will receive the cute little wicker cup and saucer shown previously AND a vintage apron (yes, I have PLENTY!) AND a special glass bowl from my personal collection AND some nice surprises!
Have a great weekend!!!



Hi Sher,
I love both of your Valentine displays and I see some of your lovely felted hearts:)
Your tags are so pretty too. I do wish we lived closer. You have great ideas that I could learn from. I like the little bags of treats for sale. Good idea.
Happy Saturday and you package will go out on Monday:)

Judy said...

Cute valentine and I love your tags. You are so talented and like Deb I wish we lived closer together so you could teach me. Maybe some of your talent would rub off.

Bebe said...

Hi Sher!
Thought I'd pop over and say hi! I know you probably thought I'd forgotten about you, but I hadn't! I still love to read your blog! Love your Valentines so much and the pretty hearts ~ so sweet!! I think the Victorian era is the most romantic one in history, but I also have a soft spot for the Jane Austen years and those dashing men in their boots and coats! Hope you are staying warm on this Super Sunday evening!
Lots of Hugs, Bebe :)

Janet C. Fish said...

I love seeing your stuff. You come up with things I don't think of. Talented and clever, that's you! :)

About the poll. I did the color one. It seems like the older I get, the more color I like. I love multi-colored rooms.

I made a new rule upon retirement. Nothing clashes. LOL

Love, Janet