Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sheer Sweetness

Some things are just beyond sweet.  They may not seem sweet at the time, though.  Buying shoes for growing children, for example, can often be a dreaded task.
But not when they're this size!
Sheer, unadulterated sweetness!
And watching my son as he lovingly massaged the expanded tummy of my daughter-in-law as they awaited Ace's appearance into this world.
A sweet moment to witness, one that my words could never describe. 



Hi Sher!!!
WOW I now know a FAMOUS person!
Congrat's that your lovely hearts were published in a great magazine. I'll have to use a coupon and buy the magazine!!
Praying for your DIL and hope she is already better.
I love the little tennis shoes. I have a pair of Kailee's(I don't know if daughter knows that I have them!)
Is there EVER enough chocolate!? NO :)
Nice job on the cabinet. I need warmer weather to so some projects for the "spaces"!!!
Happy Thursday!!
Deb said...

Oh, how tiny!!

Thanks for entering the Name that Puppy contest on my blog!