Sunday, February 10, 2008

Eye Candy, Project Delays and 7 Things...

More Eye Candy

It's been a while since I've posted any photo updates to the Corner Nest in Elizabethton but before I upload the pix, here's a confession: These were taken some time last month so they're already outdated. I'm hoping that you're like me in that you don't care when they were taken - you just like to look.

I love this gentleman's handmade brooms! This gal's cakes are AMAZING!
Remember this yard art? I still think it's hilarious! Remember that last week I told you I had gone for a mammogram and, as a preventive measure after my brother's surprise heart surgery, I also had a scan that reveals whether you have calcium buildup in your cardiovascular system? Well, I got the results - my mammogram was normal but the heart scan was not. My doctor is referring me to a cardiologist for further tests. The new tests will let us know how severe the problem is and what our plan of attack will be.
I'm feeling really positive about whatever happens because my brother (Ted) emerged from his surgeries feeling wonderful, like his batteries had been recharged. He ended up with six stints and two angioplasties (sp?) and says he hasn't felt this well since he was in his 20's.
Keep in mind, dear Friends, that neither of us have had any signs of heart disease - no shortness of breath, no chest pains, etc. This test is a simple non-intrusive test - it's a CT scan that is (generally) not covered by insurance. It cost me $250 here in Tennessee. A cheap price to continue your life! Also, please know that diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease and, although Ted was tested for diabetes when I was diagnosed and told he was NOT diabetic, his cardiologist told him otherwise! If you are at risk because of family history, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight, etc., be smart and tell your physician you want this scan and make sure you get it! You don't have to have all the above to be at risk - any one of these items makes you a risk.

Pregnant Projects

As you know, I'm always laden with pregnant projects (projects-in-waiting). I had planned on posting a couple more pictures of finished projects but - and it's as good an excuse as any - I ran out of paint! Well, now I have no excuse to post the pictures next time, as I made a trip to Lowe's earlier today and am again equipped with paint. This is what happens when both you and your hubby are running separate projects! However, I will show you what he has finished! First, a reminder of the "before": and now the after: A closeup:

What an improvement, don't you agree?! A couple of the drawers had damaged bottoms and he fixed those using bottoms of those old drawers he picked up while curb shopping a few months ago. He does such a beautiful job on everything!

and...I've been tagged!

My friend MARGO aka Robolady has tagged me to reveal seven interesting facts about myself. It wasn't that long ago that I was tagged to reveal things to you that you probably didn't know. I don't know how revealing or interesting the following will be, but this is what I've come up with:

1. It is, for some odd reason, necessary for me to make sure the bread is lined up correctly when I make a sandwich. You know, the flat bottom parts should face the same way, etc. The two pieces don't have to be positioned in sync, just must face the same way.
2. It drives me a little crazy when someone makes reference to "me and her", "me and him", me and my mom", etc. Blame this one on my third grade teacher who must have also suffered from the same anal affliction and would not let anyone out of her class until they learned to say, "She and I", "He and I", "My Mom and I", etc. The other person is supposed to always be mentioned first. Remember this if you ever get arrested! ;-)
3. Thanks to Email, I manage to stay in touch with my childhood BFF, Joanna. We met in the third grade and were inseparable through our grade school and most of our high school years. (Hmmm. I wonder if she has the same affliction that I mentioned in #2...)
4. My hair was straight as a poker stick when I was growing up, then suddenly started to wave and curl in my 40's. It's now starting to revert back to my childhood status, as is much of my mind.
5. I cry easily. I've been known to get emotional during certain commercials, tear up when I see a new baby (I think I cried for hours when I first saw my first grandchild, Randi), I get teary-eyed when I see an elderly couple holding hands. You get the idea.
6. I'm one of the few people who still wear "hard" (gas permeable) contacts. My vision is awful; I'm a -9.75 in both eyes.
7. I pop my knuckles.

And now, to find 7 people to pass this tag on to - I'll have to think about that one and get back to you! 'Bye for now!


Janet Fish said...

Sher, I forgot to tell you today that I'll keep you in my prayers. I'm glad that you got the test done, because now they can address it and keep you healthy and safe.

I had some kind of scan last year. It cost about that I think. It was neat because I could see my heart beating on the scan. I was having a lot of heart palpitations. My heart was clear and beating strongly.

The palpitations cleared up for some reason. go figure.

I have a sandwich thing. When I make a sandwich, The bottoms must face each other on the plate while I'm putting it together. You should see my trying to make a sandwich on a round bun.

My language fetish is a written one. It's that so many people don't seem to know that "then" and "than" aren't interchangable.

Your hair situation. Some prescription drugs will do that. I worked with a young man who took some kind of drug, lost all his straight black hair, and when it came back, it was medium brown and curly.

YOu pop your knuckles? Interesting. If you get therapy, could you ask about that, for my sake? LOL

Love, Janet

Sher said...

Thanks for the prayers, Janet. You, of course, are also in mine. Keep in mind, tho, that palpitations were what caused my brother to first get tested. And I'll keep you in mind as I pop my knuckles. LOL!

Janet Fish said...

Well, I did have some kind of scan, just don't know what it's called. The palpitations are gone. Go figure. I seem to be sensitive to some things, like ginger will give me a racing heart. I'm now allergic to chicken. Little stuff.

Anyway, I forgot to mention in my lengthy post to you before. You know that wood cut out of the lady's bloomers showing as she bends over in the garden that you have on your pictures in that post? Well, that was modelled after me. I recognize that big backside, gotta be me!

Love, Janet

Sher said...

Janet, you now have the distinction of being the only person I know with a dead chicken allergy. (I'm presuming you mean you can no longer include chicken in your diet. I'm also presuming that, when you eat chicken, the feathers are removed.)

As far as the lady in the garden cutout is concerned, I can't let you take that credit. I specifically remember posing.


Janet Fish said...

Hi Sher, I have three email addresses for you on my gmail account, and am not convinced any of them are correct. COuld you write to me there?

Also, I cannot get into my madtel account, so if you write to me there, I won't get it. I'd be more sure to get email if you take the madtel account off your email and just use gmail or yahoo.

Love, Janet

ThriftShopRomantic said...

Hi, Sher!
Well, glad to hear the mammogram turned out all right-- and good they're catching the heart issue now. Sending you positive thoughts!

Your dresser turned out really nicely. Ah, what a little love and attention can do for furniture.

Take care of yourself, and happy Valentine's Day!!

Sher said...

Keep those thoughts flowing, Jenn! I appreciate it! Happy Valentines Day to you, too!

Janet Fish said...

Oh Oh, lookie what I did!

I see no way to send private messages. Is there a way?

I need to figure out how to do some things, like get people's urls onto my blog site like you have on yours.

This is a nice way to blog. I like it.

Robolady said...

Sorry your test showed problems. Glad that you've found them. The Docs will fix you right up. My mammo is due soon, and I start getting nervous about it as it gets closer. But I know I need to have it done. They have medication for that sandwich thing:)

Barbie said...

Sher first off I will keep you in my prayers.. Oh my God I love all your things especially the victorian things so beautiful and your boxes are great ohh I LOVE IT ALL .. take care Barbie (babes CC)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sher! My name is Annabel Sison-Badajos. My eldest brother came across your old site in He apparently recognized you as the daughter of our Uncle Liloy. Our father,Narciso Sison had mentioned so much about your father esp. when he joined the US Army during the Vietnam war and stayed in your house in Indianapolis for quite sometime after his training in Fort Lee, Virginia. Your dad and my father were half brothers. Your paternal grandma was the 1st wife and our grandma was the 2nd wife. Uncle Liloy(that's how my father called your dad)had one brother named Peter(?) not so sure.He passed away many yrs. ago and has several daughters still living in Lingayen, Pangasinan which is both our fathers' hometown. Our father Narsing (his nickname) looked up to your dad as a great example. He was so proud of every accomplishment he made esp. being a prominent professor in the country's top school University of the Philippines. I remembered him so sad when he learned that his favorite brother passed away. My father died from heart attack in 1985. I understand that you were actually looking for your mom and two brothers but this is just to let you know that you have some relatives from the Philippines who are just so thrilled to learn how you and your brother Ted are doing now. I believe that it was not a coincidence that my brother got into your website. God makes no mistakes. How I just wish that we can help you locate your mom and brothers. Anyway, I'm leaving my email add. if you would like to make a response:
I was trying to send email and pictures of you, Ted, Uncle Liloy and our father which is in his old photo album we're still keeping through earthlink but my messages keeps on bouncing back which according to them is due to prolonged inactivity. My other sister, Ajel, who's in Fremont, California is the one who searched hard for your whereabouts. And she found this site. This is all for now and I'm really hoping to hear from you. Take care! Annabel Sison-Badajos