Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Post Op, We Did it Again and Future Thoughts

Here we are, 8 days post-op.  My doc removed part of both meniscus and did some repair work on a ligament.    Some bruising is showing up and I still have swelling but nothing like the swelling I had before the surgery.  It still hurts to put much weight on my right leg so I'm using either crutches or a walker.  The walker is pretty handy; I have a ready seat  if my leg gets over tired.  All in all, the surgery went well and (I think) I'm doing well with recovery.  Thank you, Lord!
Yep, we did it again!  We didn't buy out an entire estate but we did go to an estate sale last Saturday and ended up buying a large number of box lots.  So, I'm back on the couch surrounded by boxes upon boxes of things that need sorting and tagging.  Most items are clean but not everything is "shoppable".  For example, take a look at this familiar-looking brother and sister. 

The boy looks pretty good but I'm not sure what happened when his sister was getting her eyes painted. 

She looks downright possessed.  I think I can fix her eyes but this isn't a set that is headed to the shop.

Our annual open house is happening Saturday, December 3.  If you live in the North Carolina, southwest Virginia or east Tennessee area, put us on your calendar:  the CORNER NEST, Elizabethton, TN.  The shop is looking even more beautiful, in its festive dress.  Sweet Hubby and I were there until late Sunday night.  I was adding to our merchandise, replacing sold items and Hubby was working on the display for one of our booths. 

My Hubby and his coworkers yesterday were told that the Exide Battery Plant they work at will be "idled".  I guess that's a new term for "closed".  The work they do will be transferred to one of the other plants over the next 12 to 18 months.  The department Hubby works in has an unknown future. Decisions will be made within the next 90 days; we have no idea what that means.  Could be that their jobs will be closing out earlier, maybe later, maybe never.  Please pray, not just for us, but for all the  over 400 families that will be affected. 


Janet C. Fish said...

Glad you are recovering well from your knee surgery. Did they knock you completely out?

As for the weird eyes. Don't fix them! Put them on ebay as haunted. LOL

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hey Sher!!!
Glad to hear surgery went well :)
Of course I'll pray for your hubby and the other workers. We are still in a recession...
LOL!!! You are one busy buying gal! Lots of treasures and I hope you take photos of the shop all decked out for Christmas!! Would Love to see it!
Take care!
the "girl" is very creepy!

Sher said...

Janet,yes, I met with the anesthesiologist the week before surgery, so he knew potential problems with my blood pressure and glucose levels.

Great idea re: the eyes! ROFL!
Deb, we post pictures of the shop regularly on Facebook but I probably should "wake up" my Webshots account and link them here! ;)

Janet C. Fish said...

Sher! Guess what I bought at a thrift store today! I found two heads just like yours. Er, not YOUR head, but those two heads you have pictures of in this post. The girl with the weird eyes. I will take pictures of mine and put them on facebook.

But the first thing I looked at was the eyes to see if they were like the ones on your heads. They kind of are. The boy head is just looking straight ahead, but the girl's eyes are slightly up, but not as exaggerated as the one you have.

Do you know anything about those heads? Where they were made, how old they are? What they are worth? I'm trying to decide what to do with them now that I have them. I told Larry that you had a set just like them, and I guess that was good enough for him. hahahah