Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Gardens, Goodies and Good-byes

Isn't this a cool old door? The large middle pane and the bottom pane are broken out; the others are green with mold. Hubby said it was useless. Aren't men silly? After cleaning the glass, I painted some "fantasy flowers" on one side of the panes and lightly sprayed the opposite side with white. (I knew I'd be using it outdoors and didn't want the wild birds to injure themselves flying into the glass.) Once the paint was dry, I took some clear packaging tape and adhered it to one side of the glass - that way, if the glass gets broken we won't have a lot of shards to clean up. ...and - voila! A new door to replace the old screen door that had long ago served its purpose. Remember that box springs frame I put in my big garden a couple years ago? It serves a great purpose as a large trellis and for hanging baskets and items used for dressing up the garden. This coffee pot and cup were added this morning. How do you like my special hooks? I twisted an old spoon into an "S" hook; works great! We went to an estate sale Saturday and came out with a lot of vintage China and some great figurines. I especially love this old powder box/trinket holder! She's cleaned and tagged and on her way to the shop! The three figurines in front are all from occupied Japan. They've been cleaned and are waiting for their turn for tags.
The Colonial figurines were my Hubby's find from a thrift shop! I've said it before: He's a Keeper!
Our one large purchase for the day was this dining room table and chairs. We also bought the dinnerware, tablecloth and napkins at the same sale. On a sad note, my Hubby and I had to say goodbye to Frankie, our Chow/Collie mix. I pulled him out of a crawl space almost 17 years ago. He was only 5 weeks old when he came to live with me; I could hold him in the palm of my hand. We knew something was really wrong the night before he died. The next morning, I put him in our van and headed to the vet. I was stroking his head when he died. He didn't make it there alive. He's now buried in my biggest flower garden next to the angel. We put a solar light over his grave; he was always afraid of the dark. RIP, sweet friend and furry partner.


Vickie said...

Hey Sher - I've been MIA in blog land a bit, too, so don't feel bad - life gets busy! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and the wedding. It was pure bliss!

I'm sorry to hear about your dog. It's so sad, but I know that he lived a long happy life - wow 17 years. That's amazing.

I do love your old door - that's a great idea to paint the flowers on there. It'll look great in your garden! Have a good one - and don't be a stranger!

GARAGE SALE GAL ~ Deb's Earthly Delights said...

Hi Sher,
I am very sorry that I missed this post and am deeply sorry for the loss of your beloved fur-baby!