Monday, August 23, 2010

Furniture, Forms and Funny Witches

You know what it's like to wander into a shop stuffed with all kinds of cool items but ONE thing jumps out at you, clings to the hem of whatever you're wearing and begs you to take it home? Good! I knew you'd understand! I couldn't refuse this sweet little child-sized wire dress form when it somehow attached itself to me this afternoon. Isn't this just too cute? It's sitting in our home office right now, in back of my chair on the credenza. Just look at that metal pink bow! (*Sigh!*) I love it! Something similar happened a few days ago when Hubby and I wandered into a little nearby shop. This plastic form spotted me and told me to give it a makeover. It really did need one, too. She had a few knicks and scratches, but bless her heart - she had a punctured booby. I knew that old Readers Digest book that was missing some pages would come in handy one day. So...out came more pages that I tore in various sized pieces and... here is what she looks like today, sitting in one of our booths in the shop. (I could have never gotten that handmade leather belt around my waist, anyway.) Did you notice that she lights up? She has another light above her waist but we didn't have another low enough watted bulb (Okay, there's no such word that I know of but this is how new words get coined) that we could use. Look what my Hubby dragged in brought in from a thrift store the other day: Thank Goodness he can look past the flaws and abuse some of these pieces have experienced and know they can be cleaned and fixed up to look like this: It had been left in a damp place, maybe a basement or barn, etc. and the wood was warped in places, making it nearly impossible to open and close the drawers. The color had faded, the wood itself was really dry but he worked his magic and customers have already shown quite a bit of interest in it. Finally, Halloween is a holiday I don't get overly excited over (unlike Christmas, for which I've been working on several weeks) but I did make a couple little decorative items. Here's a little witch I just finished: She is sitting on her broom which is attached to an old bed spring so she has a little "bounce" to her. I sculpted her head out of air-dried clay. As of right now, as I type this, I don't know whether to list her on Ebay, Etsy, or in the AB4B Marketplace OR put her in the shop. If you want her to come live with you, contact me and you can have her for $24.95 plus traveling fee. Thanks for visiting, see you again soon!



Hi Sher!!!
Sorry to read about your peach tree. The weather has been very Hot & Humid here and we have had the most tornados of any state..
Nice job with the furniture and your body form looks great! The little witch has a perfect face!
Sorry I missed your last post...not like me to miss your posts!
Let's hope our fall weather is perfect!
deb :)

That Girl Ang said...

I have that pink wire mannequin! lol

That Girl Ang said...

You are so seet to say so.. Thank GG!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love those hubbies of ours!Mine brought home an adorable wicker side table the other day that he trash picked!! I love the dresser! Last week it was some really neat spindles!!

Bebe said...

Hi Sher!
Mmmmm ~ I love, luvvvv that pink dress form you found!!! It's so feminine and sweet ~ ! I would have pounced on that right away! The furniture chest is really nice, too! Those spindle legs are wonderful. I know what you mean about getting something and fixing it's a treasure hunt! :)
Hugs, Bebe

That Girl Ang said...

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Please come & try and score a great piece of REMIXED jewelry. Thanks! That Girl, Ang