Thursday, July 8, 2010

The End of Adventure Lane

Yesterday was our day to travel to Knoxville and see my rheumatologist. It's about a two hour trip one way so we generally stop for lunch or dinner and maybe wander into an interesting looking shop or two. We turned off the interstate to check out one of those tourist info places when we spotted this street sign:
Well, of course, we had to drive down Adventure Lane, which turned out to be a dead end street. But look what was at the end:
Can you make out those blue letters? It says, "THRIFT SHOP"! This is what I came home with:
This sweet little ceramic napkin holder has a tiny chip in it but it spoke to me and somehow ended up coming home with me, as did this wonderful 1950's Hull vase: The vase will go to the shop with me this afternoon. Of course the news right now is the heat. This is what registered on my van's thermometer as we were driving to Knoxville: Here in the South, it's not just the high temperatures, though - it's the agonizing humidity, which is hovering around 90%! Even the birds are staying in the shade of the trees. Until next time, stay hydrated - drink lots of water and stay healthy!



Hi Sher,
How cool is that ... finding a thrift store.
Very NICE Hull piece! You WIN for HOT & Humid's "nice" today...
Take care!
Deb :)

Anonymous said...

Has to be a shop at the end of adventure lane!
Nice finds.
Has been both warmer and more humid here than I can remember ever.