Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has Sprung, Shop Sales and Seniors with Spring in their Steps

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day! The temps actually reached 70°! There is no more snow on the ground! I must be really excited - just look at all these exclamation marks! I took advantage of the nice weather and drove into Elizabethton to check on the shop (aka the Corner Nest) and was happy to see that everyone's sales have picked up substantially!!! (Note the use of three exclamations here) Actually, things have never been slow there and we all thank our lucky stars for that. But when I say things have picked up, trust me - it's incredible. For example, I love it when we bring in something like a solid wood table with four chairs Tuesday night and we get a call Wednesday morning to let us know it sold. Especially after we just sold a huge dry sink a couple days before. If you want to see some recent photos, click HERE for my Flickr album. It was still nice and warm when I got home, so of course I had to play outside for awhile in the dirt with the flowers. Amidst all the dead debris of winter, this caught my eye: Do you see it? Here's a closer look: This lone yellow crocus is the only flower (so far) to nudge above winter's debris in my biggest garden. However, there are several other beauties scattered about on the property. An example is this purple crocus: It looks more lavender in the picture but it's really a deep purple and look at its center: Who but Nature would have thought to combine orange and purple? We have daffodils growing all over our yard. They look like a happy flower to me. Before I close this post, I want to share a special couple with you. Known affectionately as "Mom" and "Dad", both work at the shop and they are two of my absolutely favorite people as is the shop owner and manager, Robin Blackwell. Robin threw a Valentine dinner and dance for all us vendors, complete with a live band. Mom and Dad danced the night away and put the younger people to shame! Dad will be 83 years young on Monday and I am blessed to witness their devotion to one another.


Rory-The Greentiques Solution Guy said...

I love to hear those little success stories! Gotta love it!


Hi Sher,
Business is good around here also!! Guess people are in the buying mood!!! Now to find more treasures to sell!
Love the little flowers peeking out! Our snow is flowers..yet!What type of camera do you have? I need a new one and my birthday is coming up...I KEEP asking for one each birthday and hubby hasn't boughten me one...yet..
It's nice that the owners are so thoughtful to you guys.
Take care!
Deb :)