Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tagged, Ticked and a Tutorial

     Here's something I didn't previously share with you:  A picture of what a deer will do to a Lincoln Navigator traveling at 75mph:
and a pic of what a Lincoln Navigator traveling at 75 mph will do to a deer:
Nope, not our Navigator (it used to be a nice vehicle).  This happened when we were traveling to my son's house for Thanksgiving.  We were behind the Navigator when this happened and saw the whole thing.  Okay, my hubby saw the whole thing.  I was sound asleep, abruptly awakened.  We stopped to make sure the passengers in the Navigator were okay.  
They were fine but the deer, or buck if you want to be more specific, had hopefully had better days.  The opposite antler and the rest of the one in this picture went opposite directions.
Kathy at KATCOLLECTS tagged me to list 15 things that I'm not afraid to admit and SIX miscellaneous things about myself.  
Since I'm pretty much an open book and have you already know quite a bit about me, I'll try to not repeat myself.  First the 15 things I'm not afraid to admit:
     1.  I grew up Catholic but preferred Lutheran churches when I became an adult.  Now, I don't tag myself as being any certain religion.  I am a Christian and love the Lord but don't label myself. 
     2.  I love cheese.  Give me a grilled cheese sandwich, cheese over my broccoli, in my chili - and I'm a happy girl.
     3.  Speaking of being a happy gal, I'm a giggler.
     4.  I like driving a straight shift, although both our vehicles have automatic transmissions.
     5.  I have terrible vision.  I'm a -10, which basically means that taking a step in an unfamiliar area without wearing glasses or contacts could be dangerous for people and things around me as well as myself.
     6.  The last time I was timed speed typing, it was 110 words per minute on an electric typewriter.
     7.  I learned to type in high school on a manual typewriter.
     8.  I prefer cooler weather to hot but love the look of tan skin.
     9.  I'm extremely "low maintenance".
    10. Snakes all look alike to me so I consider them all poisonous.  
    11.  I don't want to take the time to know them (see #10).
    12.  I once broke up with a guy because he gave me a hickey.  (He knew I think they make a person look "cheap" and hate them with a vengeance . He thought it was funny to pin me down and give me one in an obvious spot on my neck.  His actions told me he had no respect for my standards and, although we had dated for over a year, I haven't talked to him since.)
    13. I STILL hate hickies and believe they make people look not only cheap but ignorant. 
    14. Loreal Feria is a very good friend of mine.
    15. When we were separated, I used to fantasize about what I would wear to and how good I would look at my ex-husband's funeral.
     Yaaay, I did it!  And now for the other six things:
1.  I'm not a primper; I rarely wear makeup at home and usually brush my hair only a couple times during the day.
      2.  I'm frustrated by lazy people.
3.  I still see people and objects when looking at clouds.
        4.  One of my most favorite sounds is a baby's laugh.
        5.  I want to some day visit Alaska.
        6.  I think "Happy Birthday" is difficult to sing.
Okay, now to tag six people to do the same!  Hmmm, who to choose...
        Mary at Mary's Meanderings
        Michelle at Country Vintage
        Janet at Janet's Art Journal
and YOU!  Let me know when you've posted your items!
Now, take a look at the above picture.  Okay, I'm not truly ticked at this, per se but it does ANNOY me that the price of groceries keep going UP as the quantity of product and the size of the product go DOWN!  Have you noticed that when you buy a pound of bacon, it's not truly a pound but 12 ounces?  (I still buy the full pound, just for sake of principle.)  And I remember when a slice of cheese used to actually hang over a slice of bread.  That's all for my soapbox today.
And now, a tutorial!  I found this while surfing the other day:
and thought you might like to play with it.  I tried it and here's my finished product:
I used this for the "cupcake":  
It was the cheapest stuff at the hardware store.  If you use a more expensive brand, you'll probably end up with more than the approximate 2 dozen that I ended up with.  Here is a picture of the cupcakes as they were drying.  
A couple things I discovered:  They set up better if you keep them in the cupcake tins; however, it takes them longer to dry.  If you "ice" them before they're completely dry, you'll end up with cupcake seeping out from under the icing.  
I tried making them in the foil cupcake things but that was pretty much a mess.  A failure.  Flop. They wouldn't hold their form and kept falling over to one side.  I also added some scent to the icing for a nice smell.  Good luck with them!  


Janet C. Fish said...

Oh my that chocolate cupcake looks good enough to eat! It's good I'm not visiting right now. I'm a tad hungry and would scarf that up and you'd have to take me to the ER. I don't imagine that's how you wanted to spend your Saturday.

Even the unfrosted ones look great. I mean, who doesn't like to suck up a bit of batter when they make cupcakes?

Thank you for tagging me. I'll do that! I love to get tagged, but it rarely happens.

I like snakes. They eat bad things. I like everything I think except scorpions. Scorpions aren't even cute as babies.

I have a cute tarantula named Mildred that you'd like too, if you would just get to know her. LOL hhaahha

Charm and Grace said...

And did they really think we wouldn't notice that the slice of cheese doesn't fit the bread? Really!! Thanks for the laughs.


Janet C. Fish said...

I did it! I did my tagged list. YAAAAY!

Thank you Thank you for tagging me. :)

That Girl Ang said...

LOL You keep calling me out.... I dug out the aprons today... I will take pics and get them up there asap momma! LOL

KatCollects said...

Awwww poor deer, and poor people. I love reading more about you, thank you for doing your lists : ) I hope you are having a good Sunday!

countrygirl3031 said...

Yummmm, that cupcake looks delish. Thanks for posting that tutorial..I've always wanted to know how to make them!

Thanks for tagging me...I'll be sure to post mine tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Christmas!



Merry Christmas Sher:)!!!
Poor deer and Lincoln...that is about my only fear, hitting a deer..
Are you ready for Christmas?!
The cupcakes look like fun to try and what do you use to frost them?
Guess I could check it out on the website you gave.
Enjoy Christmas.

Anonymous said...

So I've actually 'love tapped' a deer before - and it actually got up and walked away, unlike the this unlucky guy.

I also saw your list of of 15 things you're not afraid to admit and 'visit Alaska someday' was on there. I think we all have that list of things to do someday - mine is to backpack through Europe with my brother. I thought you and your readers would be interested to hear about a promotion that asks 'what's on your list' and giving away the money to do it.

Might be fodder for your blog. Let me know.