Thursday, July 5, 2007

Muses, Musings and Lessons Learned

There will be no particular flow to this post as I am feeling disorganized and somewhat brain-abandoned today. There's no particular reason to this, just one of those days. My birthday isn't until the 26th of this month but, for some reason, my thoughts have been drifting to various lessons, musings and/or observations I have come across in my soon-to-be 59 years on this earth. Omigosh, I wish I hadn't written that out. It reads much older than it sounds.
I've been taking more pictures of my large garden, too. I'm not planning on talking about it at this time but will be posting pictures. Why? Because I can and because posts look much more interesting with photos. And, digressing back to my first paragraph, the things I will disclose will be in no particular order. None. No order of importance nor time in my life that it was learned.

Number 1: (Remember, no particular order...!): Sharing one of your past experiences with a young person will not teach that young person the same lesson.

Number 1A: Repeating that same story to the same young person will STILL not teach that young person the same lesson. It will only sound like a lecture and who wants to listen to those?

Number 2: Regardless of a person's education, intelligence or life experiences, you can learn something from every other individual. My son actually verbalized this to me when he was just a young boy around eleven or twelve years old. I guess I already knew that but I was impressed with his insight.

Number 3: Different people bring out different traits in you. Example: If you have three equally good friends, you will provide something different to each of them in terms of your friendship or relationship.

Number 4: Being opinionated isn't necessarily a bad thing. Spoken by an opinionated person.

Number 5: I don't care what anyone says, I think severely rich people are happier than severely poor people.

Number 6: There is no such thing as loving your child too much.

Number 7: Everyone is born with some kind of skill or talent.

Number 8: Being educated doesn't make a person smart.

Number 8A: Being uneducated doesn't make a person less smart than an educated person.

Number 9: It is important for parents to earn respect of their young children. If a child doesn't respect you at age 6, don't expect him/her to respect you when they turn 16.

Number 10: It is not a humorous situation if it makes someone else cry.

Number 11: Some people truly are totally obnoxious.

Number 12: Flower bulbs are great examples of rebirth.

Number 13: Weeds have a lot in common with old people. It's easy for both to spread if not watched carefully. (I'm thinking of my hips, not the number of old people)

There are, of course, more but it is getting late and I'm getting tired. Feel free to share your lessons and musings with me. 'Night.


flightsofwhimsy said...

Wow you have some beautiful flowers and great "things I've learned" observations.

One I'll add ...

If everyone listened when someone said things were impossible, we'd still be living like cavemen. Don't be afraid to try new things even if they don't pan out you learn wonderful things about yourself in the process

Sher said...

Great one! I agree 100%!